“I want you guys to know ya’ll saved my life by sharing the message of Christ with me in a way I never heard it before. Special thanks to Johnny for letting me know I don’t have to settle for a ”wasted” life. Amen!” – Offender A.

“Your ministry has brought me closer to God and saved my life. Thank you.” – Offender E.

“I have come to know Jesus Christ on a personal level through Sing for the King Ministries, they changed my life forever.” – Offender T.

“I just want to say thank you for all the time you gave us…you all are truly blessed and filled with the Spirit. You all helped me get back to where I needed to be with God.” – Offender P.

“They encouraged and helped strengthen my personal relationship with the Lord. I’m forever grateful that they allow God to use them for “HIS” glory!!!! – Offender E.

“I was so blessed to have Sing for the King come in to Algoa Correctional and bring amazingly great worship and ministry!  I can still hear the songs wherever I go and really know how to worship the Lord through song wherever I am at!  I’ll never forget!” – Offender N.

“I found Jesus on April 14, 2016 at Algoa Correctional and was baptized on July 20, 2016.  Upon release from prison, the bad people I used to hang around showed up.  I kept quoting resist the devil and he will flee from you and after a few weeks those people disappeared and my ministry took off full blast, I am now actually involved in a church.  I thank God that He saved me, seven years of incarceration, seven different times…I faced death many times, but Jesus Christ set me free and today I praise Him, praise Him, Hallelujah!  I pray that everyone that walks out of prison will walk out of there with the armor of God and carry their Bible, their sword and know that Jesus Christ is beside them.  Thank you James, Johnny, and Christy.”  – Offender L.

“Still clean! Still praising our Lord and finding freedom!  Thank you all for your service and carrying the Word of God!  It changed my life!  Thank you, thank you! God bless!” – Offender E.

“I came to chapel every Friday night.  James, Christy and Johnny, you helped me grow my faith and relationship with God.” – Offender E.

This testimonial below was sent to the DOC Chaplains and IACs:

“Sing for the King Ministries recently began leading our 3rd Sunday evening CG main worship service, and have immediately become our most popular worship leaders/preachers.  They are really easy to work with…they have servant hearts…and their worship leadership and preaching is phenomenal!  Christy Hoagland is a fabulous worship leader and soloist!  James is a great preacher and Johnny Allen identifies with the offenders in a very real way!!  If you want your offenders to meet with Jesus, I recommend that you invite Sing for the King Ministries to conduct a worship service or concert!” – Chaplain, JCCC