Sing for the King Ministries was born out of a passion to reach and touch the lives of men and women in prison.  We are prison missionaries!

Did you know that there are 2.2 million men and women incarcerated and that without a real change in their lives the majority of these incarcerated men and women will return to prison?  The majority of these men and women will return to our communities and we want them to leave prison with changed lives, with real freedom that only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Commit to pray!  Become a prayer partner with Sing for the King Ministries, pray for incarcerated men and women to find hope in Christ, for their specific needs, and for this ministry to be used by God to share the Gospel to those inside the razor wire!

Join the Prison Prayer Team

Your giving will help us get to the prisons to share the Gospel!  There are many ways to give and NO amount is too small, please consider giving a one-time gift or becoming a monthly contributor.  Sing for the King Ministries is a nonprofit 501c3 organization.

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GO with us!  Go with us to prisons, to outside services, or both!  Shine the light of the Gospel with the incarcerated!

Volunteer your Time and/or Talents

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