Called to Serve

by Christy Hoagland

If you are or have ever been in any type of ministry I’m sure you’ve heard that in ministry you have to be “flexible”. Well this season has definitely proven that point. Just because we are not allowed to enter the prisons at this time doesn’t mean that ministry stops. If we are followers of Christ, we are called to serve. This service takes many forms, of course, but we need to be looking for ways to serve each other at all times. Sing for the King is called to serve the incarcerated and just because we cannot enter the prisons at this time doesn’t mean we cannot serve the incarcerated.

The same day that we were told that all chapel services were canceled was the same day we got on the phone and sent emails to the chaplains and prisons and asked if we could send video services in to be shown. We received a resounding yes, absolutely! And then the work began, we had to rerecord our first service after sound and lighting issues made the quality not up to par, I got frustrated with the conversion process making our mp4 videos to be playable on old school DVD players.

Glory to God, we sent our first round of DVDs out last week to 11 prisons! Not only are we still able to share the Gospel with the offenders we have grown to love and see regularly, most of these services are going to be played on what is called the institutional channel which means that men who may have never been to a Sing for the King service or maybe would’ve never stepped foot inside the chapel will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel for maybe the first time ever. Isn’t God good? Why do we sometimes have trouble believing God will work things out for good?

“We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

In addition to prison videos, we hold weekly Facebook Live services/events. Every Thursday night at 8:00pm for about 30-40 minutes, we worship the Lord with all who tune in. The neatest part of this endeavor has been witnessing ex-offenders and their families join in and worship the Lord with us even if we can’t see their faces or their hands raised in praise.

We have had a little fun along the way as well.

Join us on a Thursday night on the Sing for the King FB Page or my FB page.

Rest assured, dear friends, that God is moving and doing marvelous things during this time. The battle belongs to the Lord and He will get the Victory!

Check out this song by Elevation Worship – See A Victory!

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