Sing for the King – Prisoner Perspective

by Offender S.

Sing for the King… Sing about the King… Sing unto the King… The Bible says that the LORD inhabits the praises of His saints, so couldn’t it be said, Sing with the King? I have been to the ACC chapel on many a Friday night and I don’t care how you come in, your state of mind, or what your mood is; before it’s over you’ll be singing your little heart out. And so I believe the same about our God. His foot is tapping, His head is nodding and a great big smile is on His face because 100 of His children are raising a hallelujah, pouring out praise and worship before Him. And you best believe that all the hosts of Heaven are at the show. There’s probably a light show in Heaven the likes that Pink Floyd has never seen!

God’s own personal concert and we are the performers. Louder than the unbelief! Victory, because our weapons are our melodies. Imagine how it touches His heart. Imagine the love He feels back. We are one with God in this moment and we are one with each other as brothers and our sisters, Christy and Eunice.

The Holy Spirit moves through the chapel, through us, through our songs. Just as in Acts 16:25 when Paul and Silas were beat up and in prison, they held Sing for the King and the prison walls crumbled to the ground! And I do believe that on our Friday nights here, these prison walls we’ve constructed around ourselves spiritually, emotionally, and mentally will come crumbling down too.

This isn’t just a visit from Sing for the King Ministries. This is a Sing for the King revival every Friday night here at Algoa. We sing for freedom, we sing for hope, for redemption, we sing to trust, and for God’s faithfulness. We sing for who He says we are, for His beautiful Name, for the Holy Spirit to lead, and for our good, good Father’s reckless (perfect) love… And if it’s not enough that the lyrics are written in Red Letters, then we’ll give you 10,000 reasons to prove that our Friday nights are as alive as Jesus is!

I believe our thoughts define our reality. I also believe our songs do too when we not only sing them but live them. When we sing for, or about, or unto, or with our King we are not only believing for the desires of our hearts, we are receiving all of Him, and that’s enough! When we honor God with our lips, and our lives, and our songs, we are making a statement to the rest of this prison and to the rest of the world, that we want You, God, NOW, not just in Heaven. We will sing You here NOW not caring how it sounds, how it seems, what it looks like or what it costs. We’ll make a joyful noise unto our LORD.

2nd Samuel 22:50 says “Therefore I will give thanks unto thee O LORD, among the heathen, and I will sing praises unto thy name.” Songs to Jesus have broken down prison walls, both internally and externally. And the shouts of His saints have brought down city walls. Sing for the King! This is us! It’s powerful. We are powerful in Jesus name. Silence is where strongholds start, but our strength is in our songs like Paul and Silas. So let’s live loudly in a way that defeats the enemy. Exodus 15:1 says “We will sing unto the LORD for He hath triumphed gloriously.” Our songs to God mean the same thing Samuel said when God called his name the third time. “Here I am LORD.” “Here we are LORD.”

And finally, Sing for the King doesn’t end at 8:00pm on Friday night. Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16 both command us to continue our songs everyday, all day. And it’s at these times, these moments that it has to be louder than the unbelief!

So Christy, James, Johnny, Eunice, thank you for making it possible for us to raise a hallelujah every Friday. We’re so blessed to praise, worship, serve, and sing to the Lord with you guys. We love you!

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