Free Indeed

by ex-offender J. S.

Free Indeed

Restrained, by invisible shackles and chains, to reside in total darkness. The unbearable pain. Plagued by overwhelming guilt, and endless shame. Torments, and anguish, a hopelessness, a longing to be freed. I can’t escape the powerful grip of my enemy, constantly reminding me the fruits of my actions, the consequences of my sin. The fear of being exposed, so all will know. Broken, crushed beyond belief. My sins are destroying me.

My God, my God, what has become of me? Can You see me? Can You hear me? Do You still love me? I must come clean. There’s nothing You can’t see. On my knees to cry out, Oh My God have mercy on me. Let Your Holy Spirit Live and reign in me. Forgive me, make me clean. Help me become the man you created me to be. Will You?A still small voice speaking to me, a glimpse of hope brightly shining through. Yes! Yes I do still love you! Don’t worry, I will see you through. I will never leave or forsake you. But you must be true. Because I want all of you.

One must prepare their heart then open the book, that’s the only way to start. Open wide to receive instruction. Life giving, life sustaining, living healing, restoring Word of God. Teaching, building, strengthening every part of me. Slowly and surely those chains start falling off. Setting me free from the sin that imprisons me, empowering me with Joy and desire to please, worship, and serve God, our Father. Removing sins my enemy used to grip, now he no longer has any power over me. Praise and thanks be to the anointed and that precious blood He shed for me. Today I stand free! Won’t you join me? Will you let Christ set you free? No matter how dark, not matter how far you think you are. There’s nothing CHRIST can’t fix or restore, He’ll meet you where you are!

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