Doors Wide Open

UTR prison poster image

Starting in May…yes, next week…Sing for the King Ministries will be beginning a weekly service in a new prison, Kansas City Reentry Center.  We are very excited for this opportunity to serve these men by sharing the Gospel with them and by discipling them as they prepare to leave incarceration.

We realize this means serving in at least two – three prisons per week.  We realize this means lots of miles on the road.  We understand that this means more meals out.  We know that this means we will be a little more tired, a little more stretched.  We realize this means that more men will hear the Gospel.  We understand that more lives may be impacted.  We know that more lives will be changed.  We believe that God will go before us, with us, and work through us.  We know we are called to this, all for His Glory!

We need your prayers, we need your support, we need your encouragement.  In the month of May alone, we already have 11 services scheduled in 5 different prisons.  So far we have 2 services in 2 homeless shelters in Kansas City with City Union Mission and 1 service at the St. Clair County Mission in Osceola.  And before the month is through we will have held a Celebrate Recovery concert and more.  We have asked God to open doors and He surely has!  And we are thankful for every opportunity.

Sing for the King,


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